I am tiRed!!!

Or I'm exhausted!!! Both! My day start early today, woke up at 6 to get ready for deaf survey. During surveys, it's normal for us to hike and hike and hike, it's fine though, shed some lbs..hehe! But it was different today. I know it's because of the scorching heat of Mr. Sun. It feels like we were being grilled and roasted. After survey, I went straight home with vine. My headace just tortures me. But still glad it's not a migraine attack, just a headace that needs a headbang! I want to take a nap but I couldn't. So I watched dvd. I feel so drowsy!!! Until now I feel like my brains are twisted and my head is numb.

I'm sooo tired I want to sleep na!!! But not yet, will still have to wait for "Celebrity Duets." So excited to watch PHIL MYHUSBAND..ohhh PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND diay to sing once!
I'm a fan, I'm a fan!!! Hahahahahaha....
My headace will be gone after I see him..hihi!
I hope papang will not forget the shawarma he promise to buy for me...hayyyy...watching Phil while having my shawarma...hmmmm solve na!!! Headace babu!

Happy weekend to you aLL!!! See ya around!


Jerla Oh lalala said...

halo dia ko dri labay lng :)