Since I was younger, I've always love taking pictures or photography should I say. It's ironic though for I can only count the ones that have my face on it...LOL! I would rather be the one taking pictures, it's just so amazing capturing a moment that can never be done again. It's the beauty of photography, truelily! I'm so thankful to my ate, and kuya... thanks for the digicam guys! hahaha...
Pictures can be your best friend, for they can remind you of memories,good or bad. Teach you lessons that are only learned through the passing of time. It can also tell you stories that are long bygone. It makes you remember who you were and who you are, and the ones that came accross your life's path. All are being kept in a simple photograph.
I remember my chitchat with ate AF, I ask her if example her house is onfire..(example lng) and she can save only a thing, what would that be? She told me that it would be their pictures, for it is a treasure that can never be replaced!
Well yeah, defenitely! It is indeed a treasure! something to be kept and cherish!

one of my faves... the first one was with vine, believe it or not..cute noh! and the second one was taken years years ago. I recaptured it coz the original one medyo blurred na, hehe...guess who are they???