CDO... hEre wE g0!!!

Two weeks ago, the signers of Zambo. went their way to CDO... for the District Convention in Sign Language. WoW! it's my second time already... Since I became a signer, hahaha...mas nahimong laagan! We travelled more or less 500 kilometers by a big bus, nag barge, car...blah,blah! Our group stayed in a humble home, it was a nest for almost 30 people,mura mig mga sardinas..LOL! The 3-day convention, with delegates from all over pinas was a very encouraging one for me. It's a true privelege attending it. Seeing the deaf make their choice to serve Jah, and the efforts done by others to support SL. WoW jud!
Aside from the convention, it was also a time for us to bond... hehe! suroy-suroy... laruy-laruy! There were alot of happy times together! Oh and yeah, I had my first wall climbing experience!!! 15 meters high! OOOUUCH! sakit sa arms, but it was all worth it! hehe...