I totally had a restful sleep the other night. Until the morning comes, I had trouble getting out of bed. MEN! I have a stiff neck. A terrible stiff neck!!! It hurts so much so I took a pain reliever right away. I felt like a zombie walking straight ahead, lol! Wish I have a neck collar to wear. Since we have none, mama improvised a thin blanket, fold it, then wrapped it around my neck. I look so stupid! LOLZ!

Though I'm feeling sick these past few days, still I am sooo happy! Why? Hmmm... Guess what? I got my PR back...Yeepeey! I though it was over, my oppurtune days are over, but it's not! Hahahaha... Mr. Google is really so nice to me. He snag it, then gives it back. Anyways, got to go... have a date with Father! (^_^)


anne said...

congratulations girl, by the way my eldest daughter has a stiff neck too uso yata yan ngayon ah!

GAGAY said...

hahah!super mantikain matulog!hwhheheh!kidding aside! anyway, stiff neck? due to improper position po ng body (ulo, at katwan) while sleeping if yan po ay naranasan nyu paggising po!


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

congrats on your PR. Google is so unpredictable sometimes. Like what happened yesterday, Google glitch

amiable amy said...

yep, congrats for a PR3 ... galing mo girl, hoping it will go up more