My friend "G" told me about an online game she tried recently. She said I should definitely try it too. Asking her why? She answered, "secret!!!" But make sure to turn-off the lights, plug the webcam and microphone, and the volume full blast. I know she's silly and weird, so I assumed it's something more than the usual kinda game. I was excited, played it right away as I got home and when finally the site starts to load... All I can say... "Whatta scare! LOL!

Hotel 626 is an online web game brought by Doritos, yes, the chips you love to eat! I dunno what's the connection of this game to their product, hehe.! Anyways, the graphics are made so well and thanks to FlashTM, everything seems so real! Really, there's plenty of good scare in this game. Imagine, you'll wake up in a hotel room in the middle of the night and then you'll hear a creepy sound and you'll see a baby sleeping... and... oh yeah, you can only play it between 6pm-6am, unless you cheat and adjust your computer's clock.

Well, I dunno if you want to try it. As for me, I didn't even finish the entire game. Haha!


GAGAY said...

Good day!

huhuhu!i am needing now your opinion!

how to deal with long distance relationship?


anne said...

ay girl I wont try it at all sa post mo pa lang takot na ako wahhh

amiable amy said...

ahhh...really? i dont like to scare myself....i better not try...LOL