Meet Elliot

Do you love photography and everything about what the lens can capture? A lot would say yes! People just loves to take pictures and immortalize beauty. And who's your partner with this regard? Your beloved camera! I was surfing through the net and landed at 42nd Street Photo, one of New York's finest camera store. Camera enthusiast just loves 42nd Street Photo, their services, their products, and audio and video equipments.

I particularly like their red Nikon 10.0 megapixel digital cam. It's very sleek and sexy and pretty,lol! It has an amazing 3.5-inch high resolution and customizable touch screen panel LCD that makes sharing pictures so easy. The price is pretty good and friendly, so who one to sponsor? LOL! 42nd Street Photo has the widest selection of camcorders and digital cameras. They also have dvd's and mp3 players and accessories.

So why not visit Mr. Elliot, the owner of 42nd Street Photo. He's happy to help all camera enthusiast find what they want. Many great moments should last a lifetime, and what better way to preserve it is through the lenses. They might be quite expensive, but the value of it is definitely priceless, so go and grab your cam! Picture picture!