something better

To proved that you are already a grown-up individual, what do you need to have? I'd say credit card lol! Having a credit card means you can now be responsible in handing money or finances. Of course, you should know when and why you should use it, if not you'll probably be facing credits and debts. I had my first ever credit card just 6 months ago but to be honest I never use it until now lol! It's a fact that some who uses their credit cards end up having problems afterward. Excess fees and additional charges are scary! But if you really need that piece of plastic, here's something better.

What is it? AchieveCard! A flexible, more secure way to use and store your money. AchieveCard is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard, it is not a credit card. However, like credit cards, you can use it for purchase at stores, online shopping, paying bills, book a trip, or buying gas. But this prepaid debit card won't let you spend more than what you can afford, thus helping you to budget. Plus, what's nice about this card, if it is stolen or lost, you won't be responsible for any charges. It can also replace your checking account by depositing your paycheck directly onto your AchieveCard.

So now you want to apply? Easy! Feel free to visit them online and complete the application. Just a minimum fee and you'll be ready to activate your card and then you're good to go. You can now add money and use it for purchasing at any location that accepts MasterCard. It is indeed a safer and more easier means to handle your money. For more information about this prepaid credit card, just visit the links.