Lately, I've been telling my father to get me enrolled at a driving school. I really want to know how to drive so that the car would be put to use. I mean it's just parked all day everyday cause nobody knows how to drive it except for my brother who recently moved to another city. But actually it's not in good shape, a lot of fixing needs to be done which means money too. Yeah, it's crisis these days but I really do think that we can save more if we have our own service.

Speaking of cars and crisis, I still see a lot of people purchasing new cars and vehicles. No doubt it is a good investment especially if your car is a good one. So if you really need a car and you can afford to have one, then why not? What's a good, great car? Well, I don't know much, lol! But there are names or brands that proved to be worth the investment. Honda, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Dodge, are just few of the trusted names. Hey, there is a site that provides the most comprehensive and detailed car reviews. This would be a help to those planning to have a car, a truck, van, or SUV. You can find out about its price, performance, maintenance, plus star ratings from the car experts. Feel free to visit the site for more!

Well, we can't afford to have a new car, so we will just settle with our old one, after all it's a good old classic. But first I need to know how to drive, lol!


Pamela Tan said...

hi! I agree for having a car. :D enrolling in a driving school costs a lot and they charge you on a per hour basis. What I did was I asked my dad to teach me instead. Saves money. But I still don't know how to drive alone, hehe.

For websites, I know one for Zamboanga, it's

a lot of people now try to look into buying used cars, pretty common abroad. The site also feature used cars for sale in Zambo and in the neigbhoring cities. Free advertise too!

eheheh, sorry yan advertise ba?? just that, I know how you feel, hehe.