I was tag by Ms. G-anne, should write about the weird things about me, six weird things in particular... Thank you! Hmmmm... alright let's see...

Six WEIRD Things About Me

1. I don't enjoy the beach. I'd rather be in the woods.

2. I hate being cuddled, I don't like being touch! dunno why..~sigh~

3. Self-confessed O.C. If my quirks are not done as it is, I'd be dead!

4. I'd cut my fingernails as short as it can be, until it bleeds...ouchh!

5. I love the scent of alcohol and acetone...hayyy! adik ba?! LOLZ!

6. Single since birth.. proud to be one!!!

And the list goes on... yeah, I'm weird...big time! (*_*)

To all the bloggers in my list, if you feel like you're some kinda odd... feel free to grab this tag and brag about your extraordinary YOU!