Why is it that everytime I make plans I'd always get busted! In my earlier post, had told you that we are supposed to go to the Rio, (river) a getaway that we've all been anticipating. All was set actually, the weather cooperated except for me. Yeah, me! You see the spirit was very much willing but the flesh is so weak. Grrrrrr! Why did it had to happen that same day?! Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art That L_M thing suckz!

So I learned my lesson. Plan not to make plans anymore. Life has been so organized for me. I have my daily routines, finish tasks in a particular hour and plan what to do next. I really think this has something to do with my O.C.D, I'd lose my senses if I don't get to do it by the book. Few years ago when being an O.C took its toll on me, I had weird habits and ceremonyas that am so required to do. Like for instance I can't go to sleep without putting efficascent oil in my forehead and eyelids the most, have to clean our house at 7a.m even if I'm still super uber sleepy, have to make sure my clothes were color coded and folded properly all the time everytime, and have to make sure that not even a strand of hair falls on the floor. I felt like a janitor, constantly monitoring all the dust and dirt. I didn't felt good about it and now I'm glad that I finally learned to master my compulsion.


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