"I have nothing to wear!?" Hmmm... don't get me wrong, haha! What I'm telling you is that for so many times, I have looked in my closet, and face with bunch of clothes and then declared: "I have nothing to wear!!! I must admit though that I'm not that fond of clothes, not girly girl! Unlike my mom and kurdapya who are kikays and cute, I'm the type who indulge herself with... f00d! Yeah, I'm dysfunctional and so is my closet too!

According to fashion guru's, there's really such a thing as "dysfunctional closet," which means you're probably missing key pieces that will allow you to change from one getup to another.

Well, here's the list of essentials for a more functional closet:

1. white dress shirt. Pair it with slacks, denims, or skirts for any look, from casual to corporate.
2. great-fitting jeans. Pear-shaped figures should get boot-cut
3. little black dress. A staple for dates and formal events, it assumes a more relaxed look when worn over skinny jeans or leggings.
4. tote bag. A sturdy tote can be your kikay, overnight, or office bag.
5. black pumps. Get a pair or two with one-or two-inch heels. Classic black works well with any outfit and skin color.
6. nude bra. It's great under plain T-shirts, body-hugging tops and low-neckline blouses in any color.
7. small purse. Neutrals like brown and silver work from day to night.

Hmmmm.... okies, now I know! (*_*)


E-Tavasi said...

Ahh (O.o) Nothing to wear..?

sweet_shelo said...

Hey, thanks for sharing about this.. Very helpful.. I may have a dysfunctional closet too.. Hhahaha

amiable amy said...

i don't have anything to wear too...LOL, dysfunctional me, thanks for sharing this info, now i know