who loves anime?

Who's your favorite Anime character? Although I'm not a big anime fan but am still enjoying quite several anime programs. My favorite would be Detective Conan, love the series so much that I've watch it for almost ten times already! I also like Rukawa of Slumdunk and One Piece too, lol! But I know some friends who are die-hard anime fanatics. They've created anime-looked avatars and joined communities of fans alike. They even had anime hairstlyes which are very trendy and in. I also have a friend that made an anime drawing of herself and named it Akikoh, that was very cute and pretty indeed!

I wonder if they like to join Anime Chat City?! A free anime chat rooms for all the anime fanatics all over the planet. It's a place where they can meet and chat and talk about the thing they love, Anime. They might share their views about the characters, the series, and it's a good way to find friends who shares the same interest. Perhaps they can also share memorabilla's of the anime characters which any fan would definitely love right?

So what are you waiting for anime fans? I might tell my friends about this, lol!