do you have a tattoo?

I watched a show recently and the story that was being featured there was about people having their tattoos. It was so extreme! Some uses different ways to have their tattoos. The tattoo artist would draw the pattern in the chosen area then uses a super sharp knife or blade to cut it. When it finally heals, the wound becomes keloid, a red, raised formation of scar tissue cause by excessive tissue repair or surgical incision. They say that the scar looks so beautiful and artistic, to be honest, Men, I don't get it lol!

Well, there are people who are so passionate with their tattoos. For them it's a kind of self-expression and a sense of creativity. Even if it's so painful, they still love to cover their bodies with tattoos. For those of you who love this kind of art, perhaps you'd be interested in joining Tattoo Chat Room. It's where tattoo lovers all over the world meet and chat with each other. An online chat room where they can share their ideas, opinions, and their passion for tattoos. It's basically free, you just have to sign-up, register and login and meet fellow tattoo fanatics around the planet.


Paige said...

well, i really don't want a tattoo but it fascinates me quite a bit.. :)