now I'm l00king!

Didn't I told you I lost my cellphone 3 months ago. My brother gave me his quite expensive cp and after 2 days... I lost it! BANG! Told myself not to get a new one soon, kinda like punishment for my stupidity. But I've moved on. After all the hurting and blaming, I realized that I want a new cellphone! So now am looking for one. Oh well, I want an apple Iphone or nokia N76, but that's way too much for my budget, lol! Anyways, since I'm a good and sweet sister, Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art brother would share his blessings with me and pay half the price of the cp I'm buying...wiNkz!

Oh well, oh well... through it all, I definitely learned my lesson. (^_^)