Could look for it at the exhibit

Barely two months from now, a close friend is getting married. Words are not enough to tell you how excited we are for that one beautiful day. It's going to be held in a different land so aside from the wedding, we are so looking forward to the travel itself. Oh my, can't imagine how fun it will be! But first I think I need to have a new travel bag for the up coming trip because the one am using is torn up already, grrr! It's my favorite bag but I guess the time has come that I need a new one. So timely since I saw in the ad that there's a local trade show affair coming up, this weekend I think and they will have to feature a lot of different goodies from different cities. Am hoping there will be big tote travel bags and maybe can grab one. I just enjoy exhibits! They feature lots of products and great deals. The set up too shows how the organizers work hard to pull off such event. The decorations they use such as trade show flooring, logo mats, logo canopy, cute directors chair, and velvet ropes are all eye candy. Maybe I could find some other stuff at the exhibit, a gift for the groom and bride to be would be nice.