back at Sibulao..

Probably one of my favorite place on earth, Sibulao. A very simple, far away place that I love to go back over and over again. Life is so much simple there, no electricity to charge your cellphone, a neighbor's house that's hills away, Sadako's well of sweet waters, a bunch of chickens, goats, pigs, cows and carabaos, and ofcourse the 48 years hike and sweating to death journey. We went there last Monday, with Vine, JM, and Ms. Sibulao, Rixa...hehe! Life in the bukid is so hard, yet beautiful and so much fun!

getting ready for the trek..hihi! (murag mga arabo..toinkz!)

hmmm...baya journey...hehe!

riding the "pahagad"...waaahh sooo cool!

sa atabay ni "Sadako"

making katay the poor chicken...using a "sanggut"..diba bonggang-bongga!

preparing for our candlelite dinner...sosyal!!! lolz!

more of our pictures in my other blog.. (^_^)


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Annie....

Life in those places is still the complexities...pure simplicity.

Everyone should do that once in a while to appreciate life more. You're lucky to experience it every now and then.

Have a happy and healthy 2009 to you and yours....


dhalia said...

hala kalaagan sa baye oi!!! hehehe arang2x pa ng inyong naadtuan kay nagsulo pa mo unya naa pa jud lamesa katong amoang naadtuan kay sa gawas mi nangaon unya pagpangatulog namo as in klaro ang tv2x oi hehehehe ug among isda gikambyuhan ug manok!!!

amiable amy said...

hahaha..i had fun with the pics...thanks for sharing

S-H-Y said...

hehehe...I remember those days when I visited our province..

Shimumsy said...

wishing you good luck and good wishes for 2009. happy new year.

anne said...

Hi girl, where is this place exactly? hehehe

bunda said...

hi annie, nice to meet you sis
i'd fun with the pics..TFS

wishing you happu and healthy 2009

salam from indonesia