let me explain..

Alright... I was blog absent for the past 5 days. I haven't done any blog visit and updating here. I didn't even had the time to open the lappy and check my emails. Where am I during that period of absence? Did our trip push through? Nahhhh!!! It didn't. I told you it was canceled. Maybe next month, but I choose to keep my mouth shut about our trip..haayyyy basig mabitin nasad! Anyway, I was absent because I attended the 3-day District Convention of JW's. From 8a.m to 4p.m, we were in the convention. I felt so exhausted plus my beloved migraine attacks pajud! The sun is so cruel and my migraine just loves it...hayyyy! wala ko'y choice.

Still, I am so happy being able to attend the convention. Held only once a year, every JW anticipates such time to bond, widen-out, recharge and be showered by spiritual blessings. It was a time to meet far away friends once again and of course pictorials with the gang...ehehehe! (^_^)

So now I'm back in the limelight...a.k.a "bloghosphere" lol! I have so many visits to pay and ec dropping to do, will make up to the time I was out of coverage area...hehe!

See ya around fwends!!!


Shimumsy said...

wishing you and your family a meaningful and wonderful christmas.