Mamang and Papang have been planning to go to Dumaguete and Cebu (another Phil. Islands) again after holy week. 3 months ago the've went there already but still got some things to follow up so they must return. I've been asking them, actually begging them to let me go along. Ohhh! please! I just love to go to places, and meet relatives I've not seen for decades now,LOL..charing! When mamang told me that they might also drop by in Siquijor, oh my! oh my! I've been dreaming to go to this place ever since. There are alot of stories about the island of Siquijor. Many would say that it's creepy there! you know, witches and blah blah...hmmm, sounds exciting! But anyways, enough about that. What I want, is to see and be able to step in the island they call paradise! I know it's not a vacation for us if we go there, but even just seeing the place and take some photographs... Men!
Hoping!!! :D

oh if the plans push through... promise i'll share the moments with you!