Sign Language Alphabet SIGN... it's the language in the world of silence. I learned their language two years ago, and it is one of the decisions I've made with out regrets. It's not easy though, from the very first step of learning the alphabet. As you can see the ABC,LOL! You have to soften your fingers and hands and memorize the sign of each letter. When your good at doing your ABC... and memorize it all already, then your good to go! There is alot of advantages when you know sign. My cousin Vine(veniz) and I can gossip about anything and everything even on public,LOL! But much to that, sign has given me the opportunity to reach out the deaf and the mute. They are actually just like us..stubborn, weird, noisy,hehe... yet their fun and really, we can learn so many things from them. If only we listen and learn their language. Maybe someday you would like to learn another language, why not make it sign!!!