'Anniniput'... i've been asked alot of times why anniniput. Sounds cute right?! yeah I think so,LOL! Seriously, there is really no reason why I chose that. I rember my sister just asked me to make an email add, and so I did. To avoid double time filling those ek-ek forms, I taught of a word that will be soooo unique that nobody in this planet would even think..hehehe! And the rest is history... anniniput was born.(bisaya word for firefly)
I admire these little creatures so much! Who would'nt? Seeing fireflies sparkling light makes the night glorious, makes us realize that beautiful days we cannot have if we have'nt experience the dark. And when these tiny creatures come together, i't's just so breathtaking. For people like us, we all have our own little light to share in this world, we have to... for a brighter life ahead...SHIne!