white dress

On Saturday morning, 5 dawn to be exact, a good friend is finally tying the knot with the man of her dreams. Yei, she's getting married! She's about to walk down the Aile while everyone else are still sleeping and probably snoring lol! I'm a morning person so don't have much problem with getting up early, not that early though. Anyway, she told us to wear a white dress. Required??!! Whose closet will I envade? I don't have a white dress, poor me... hehe!

Hmmff.. I wonder what's it gonna be like? I mean to attend a morning wedding. Will I expect to see a fresher more relax guests and invites?
Oh well, to the bride and groom-to-be... Congratz you both! This is it, todo na to! LOL!


sweet_shelo said...

wahhhhh me neither.. dont have a white dress.. gahhhh

Rosa said...

haha ako din di ako mahilig sa white dress. lols!

anyway sis can we xlink? let me know if you are interested. thanks

zuveena said...

wow nice naman..pero lam mo ba ganda ng page mo as in kakaloka...crush ko ang color in...specially d content...kaw? klan ka nman mag ta tie ng knot????? hahahhaa...

Lulu said...

5am ???? i am sure i am still snoring during that time

'anniniput' said...

haha kay zuveena chalamat naman sa compliment mo...kakatuwa!
me? tie the knot? naku nosebleed naman yan... hahahah!

hmmm slamat sa visit!
tenks din ate lulu sa comment :D