Sa Cebu!

view @ the deck... bound to Cebu

Align Centermy cousin's Veniz & Ivy

mi faMiLia

~crazy crepes~

mga nakaw na posing.. lol!

Santander, Cebu... (view at the bus)

mama's hometown...Santander, Cebu

"Laurente's property" :D

mama & papa

nice one! hehe...

arti-arti jud...haha!

Port of Santander

we're bound to Dumaguete na... :D

arriving Port of Dapitan... we're almost home!

Last April 11, Papang, Mamang, cousin's Vine & Ivy, and yours truly packed our bags and headed to Cebu. The travel was long, from Zamboanga to Dipolog by bus, Dipolog to Dapitan by tricycle, and Dapitan to Cebu by a ferry. My big brother fetch us at Cebu Pier... I forgot na, and the weather greeted us with a truly warm welcome. Actually, we didn't roamed around the city that much. As we would love to but my manong is too busy to tour us around. But we manage to go to places, the malls,(Ayala,SM,Metro,Robinson's) to the oldest street in the Philippines-"Colon," and pass by famous land marks. Colon was super crowded I must say. The traffic was annoying and the sun was sooo cruel, I couldn't stop complaining! Sorry though for not being able to take much more pictures because according to the peepz, it's dangerous to show of your cam lol! We had a great time visiting my brother, it was basically just bonding with him..hehe!

Anyway, the latter part of our escapade is to go to my mother's hometown-Santander. A municipality at the southern tip of Cebu. We need to travel 185 kilometers by bus to get there and that's when I really enjoyed the most. The sights were beautiful! I haven't seen such a lovely coast line in my entire life. Cebu is truly blessed to have such beauty. Opposite to Zamboanga who's got majestic mountain view to offer lol! We visited mama's relatives and the best part of it was the beach! Finally, our much anticipated hop to the unexploited white sand beach owned by the Laurente's. As you can see in the pictures, we had a fantastic time playing around. Me and my cousin's were the only people splashing through the cystal clear waters hahaha! I love to go their again. Very private and peaceful, far from the creepy yet fun life here in Zamboanga. (*_*)

Going home was more challenging. We left Santander at around 6p.m, rode a barge, and after 20 minutes we arrived at Sibulan, Dumaguete. With all our heavy bags and strollers, we're on our way to the pier to ride another ferry bound for Dapitan. My goodness, the ferry was swinging all the time, mom and ivy got dizzy and even puked lol! We arrived Dapitan safely but our journey didn't end there, we need to ride a big bus again going to Zamboanga. And finally, after another 310 kilometers, we're home! Safe and sound, thank's Jah! Hiya, what a travel right??? Now you know why I'm sick and unwell..hehe!


sweet_shelo said...

wow, u had a nice trip I bet ,.. ganda mga photos mahal..=)

amiable amy said...

wow..those pictures are so pretty....thanks for sharing girl, summer is fun with family ahhh...sarap naman ng ice cream yum yum hahaha...beautiful talaga ng view ng Pinas ...dapat post ka lagi ng places na binisita mo...GALING!

'anniniput' said...

hehehe! sarap nga talaga nag summer lalo na pag nka bakasyon....haaayyyy!
although hindi naman ako masyadong enjoy sa beach pro that time, the best tlaga!!!

chalamat poh sa mga comment nyo mga ate! :D

anne said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures girl, you captured well the views.

Pamela Tan said...

hi anne! bueno kay you enjoyed! love the photos esp the sunset. it's sooo red.

btw, have a new post!