The days are getting closer, we are soon to welcome the newest addition to our family. Yes, my sister
kurdapya is having her second baby anytime soon. As you read her blogs, you'd know her latest rantings about her pregnancy, but for the past few days she has been so lazy to update it lol! We are so excited to welcome baby kurdapya soon and see kuya kurdapyo's reaction! Although we're thousand miles away from them but we absolutely feel the same mixed emotions running through their senses right now. Geezz! I'm an aunt for the second time around, haha! Wish I am with sissy!!!

Praying for a safe and very well delivery sis! And to kuy a Shawn, congratulations again LOL!
Oh and please don't forget the pictures, ate pictorial dayun huh! (^_^)


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Hello! say my congratulations to your sister :)

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E-Tavasi said...

Congratulations to your sister :D