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How's everyone? Well, I'm here in Cebu city right now doing some blogging lol! I've wanted to be online when we get here yesterday but it's just now I manage to find a connection. Anyway, we had a long and tiring trip, I'd be sharing all our pics as soon as we get home ok. Geeezzz I really don't know where to start! I have a lot of catching up to do. Plus I still have to finish the web page I did for a friend, it's been days and I haven't done anything at all!

But in fairness sake, I already found a nice web hosting for her. It's free yet it's still fun. Although it has limitations but it's customizable and has lots of features. It's what the experts recommend and I found a number of good reviews about it at Web Hosting Rating, an online directory of the best web host in the planet. So if you're also looking for best budget hosting, best blog hosting, email hosting, forum, commerce, or for your personal site, just visit them and search for the one that suits you best. Alright, got to go now. Have to explore around.. see ya everbody!!!


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