ano ba yan???

What happened to the world? I mean my world, the files are all gone...and I'm so dead! Alright let me explain. Last night I was doing a little adjustments with my laptop. I change its resolution and some fonts. I decided to add a new user account, if in case somebody else plans to hack my computer you know. So anyway I had a new user account aside from my administrator. The only mistake I realized that time was I should have turned on the guest account instead of making another account. Well too late, it's done. Weird stuff happened upon opening lappy this morning. I couldn't see a single trace of my admin account, the one protected with a password. The files are missing, pictures, videos, documents, everything! What am running now is the account I've created last night which gives me limited access to my very own data.

Now, can anybody tell me what happened??? Please! Waaahhhhh... what am I gonna do???
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BLoGGiSTa said...

you just have to log in as another user. then click your admin account name. i don't know what OS ur using though but you may access the log-off/log-in user when you click turn-off your computer (among restart and shut down options).


'anniniput' said...

yes, that's exactly my problem! I can't find my admin account. Dunno if it's hidden or what but I just can't find the original admin account.

I'm so confused! I don't even know how to explain...huhu! But I manage to recover my files, I run the search button and found it. Now it seems like a have a multiple admin account... I'm sooo confused!!!

Thanks for the acknowledgment bloggista! :D

BLoGGiSTa said...

hi ann, try going to your control panel-user accounts... hope you see it this time. regards!