chicha de carcar

As part of our escapade in Cebu, we went to the famous town of Carcar. Where the most crispylicious chicharon(pork rinds) can be found! Carcar didn't fail us, it is indeed the chicharon capital of the Philippines. You'd see chicha and other delicacies like ampao, banana chips, and latik in each and every corner of the street. Vendors doesn't care about competitors since locals and visitors just can't have enough. Mama bought quite many chicharon, to sell to everyone as soon as we're home. I must say it's a good business venture, in just 3 days the chicharons are all gone lol! My goodness, it's sooo yumminesss! drooling Pictures, Images and Photos You'd forget about your diet and you'll keep on craving for more! So guys, if you happen to see some Carcar chicharon in the future, be sure to grab some. It surely taste like heaven lololoz!!!


Melanie said...

Gosh, I love chicharon ! Everytime im in Phils., i make sure that I bought one and ate at my hearts content. No matter how much cholesterol I get !