someday soon!

I'm really enjoying blogging a lot. The things I get to learn and the people I get to know makes me love blogging even more everyday. But admittedly, sometimes I feel like giving up. I mean, why keep an online diary? As if somebody would care! But I realized that it's an opportunity and not everyone gets to experience the joys only a blogger would have, drama! It's amazing to read other peoples opinions, appreciating your thoughts senseless or not. Even much amazing when you get to earn at your very own convenience and phase right? So I will treasure the opportunity to blog especially now that I have my PR lol! I'm even thinking to take it to the next level and have my own domain. Still in search for the best web hosting available and glad that there's so many options. What's the best blog hosting for you? Got any recommendations?

Someday soon I'll have my own domain. Something with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, limitless features and fully customizable page. By the way, looking for your own domain as well? It's good if we ask advice from the experts and I know a sure way to do it! Click on the links and you'd know what I mean. Winks!