zamboanga update

I've been seeing so many deportees from Malaysia here in Zamboanga now. It's in the news all the time. Filipinos without legal papers in Malaysia are being deported back to the Philippines, and since Zamboanga is the nearest port of entry, it's seems that our city is flooded with people already,LOL! The deportees are actually from LuzViMinda, but they don't want to go back home because they still want to go back abroad. Their means of living and basically their life are all there. The sad part is that, there are so many children also being deported. Without their parents and families. The news said that their parents may have legal documents, but the kids are aliens in malaysia so they are thrown over here. The local government takes care of these children now in the mean time. Sure there will still be much more deportees. More batches to come. I feel sorry for them. I hope that there will be possitive updates regarding these problem.
Hayyy, bien manada ya tamen jente na pueblo!..


Tey said...

Too bad. I feel embarassed being a Filipino whenever I heard news like this. But I can't blame my fellow pinoys for doing so. We have junk government
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