10 faVorite vacation m0ments

It's tuesday again so it's time for memes again. This week's topic is about 10 favorite vacation moments. I love vacations, and memories are special...I just hope I can remember them all,LOL!

1. When I was 6 years old and my entire family went to my grandparents province. Experienced the buhay sa bukid..hehe!.. mura mi ug isa ka barangay. 16 mi atu kabook,LOLOL!

2. Davao vacation with papang, mamang, and vine. I was 9 years old by then..hehe!

3. An all expense-paid-trip to Shangri La Mactan Island Resort in Cebu. With papang, mamang and ate sheila. That was the best time of my life!!! Super!!! 12 years old ko atu..hehe!

4. Again, a free trip to Davao's Waterfront Hotel. With parents again..LOL!

5. My first vacation without m0m and pAp. I was with sissy and we went to CDO, actually roadtrip tu sya...from Zamboanga to Dipolog to CDO na..I was 15 years old atu,LOL!

6. First time in Manila with the gang,LOL! I was with my fellow delegates to attend the Sign Language National Convention of JW's. That was an experience of a life time! Haaayyyy so nice to reminisce..haayy!

7. Sibulao summer vacation. Just 2 years ago. Haaayyy grabeeeee! Mountain climbing in an another dimension, LOLOLOL!

8. January of this year, CagayanDeOro Sign Langauge Convention again, hehe! Had my first wall climbing experience too, wheeeew!!!


Naaahhh! I can't complete my list!.. maybe next time,LOL!

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