tHe mummy

I am defenitely gonna be watching this movie. It will be shown in the local theaters tomorrow, but we decided to go and watch next week so that to avoid the crowd of movie goers. I love the part 1 and 2 and I just can't wait to see the 3rd installment.
But must admit, I am really disappointed because Rachel Weisz is not in it anymore. Her character Evelyn will be played by another actress. Grrrrrrr!!! Why???!!! The role is so perfect for her. She and Brendan look fabulous as a couple. It will be completely different without her in the movie, Rachel is "Evelyn" and Brendan is "Rick." Haaaayyyyy...anywayz, I know I will still enjoy the excited!!!


Kwagoo said...

i so agree. i was looking for rachel in the trailer and was disappointed when i learned she won't be taking part..

but i would still want to watch the mummy 3.. the first two didn't fail me.. hope the third one doesn't.