I know alot of girls loves the color pink. Very feminine, sweet, pretty, girlalu! I appreciate lady's wearing pink and love to see men in pink. I found it so cool, and in fact true men looks good in pink! But to be honest, I hate pink! I can never imagine myself wearing something pink! Siguro kung mag pink ko meaning nag sakit ko, as in malala! LOL! It's a weird feeling and actually I don't even understand myself why I don't like pink. Ever since fetus pako, I don't remember a time my mother bought me something pink. She knows that it will never make me smile! But it doesn't mean I hate pink, it's just that I feel so awkward with a pink blouse!

But colors denotes something, and indeed there are meanings in every colors we see. Pink is softer, sweet side of red. You know, "sugar and spice and everything nice." The color pink is often related to a weaker entity. Someone wearing something with a touch of pink, sure is a headturner! Pink looks fabulous when combined to other colors specially black and gray and the shades of blue. So if your tickled to pink, bravo! I envy you,LOL! Haaayyy, nganu siguro kong dili ganahan ug pink???!!! *sigh*