dAy oFF!

I had a weird day yesterday. I dunno why that idea came up into our empty minds,LOL! It was late afternoon already and our KH meeting was over. Vine, Memet and I decided to take a walk in the park that is just nearby our place. On our way there, we saw alot of people bonding with each other, relaxing and just enjoying sunday. We saw quite a number of couples nga nag date,LOLOL! We still don't know where we are really heading for and what we are supposed to do, so we decided to ride the jeep, still not knowing where to go. We thought well let's just have a joyride, buy some Mani downtown and uwi-an na! When we were walking along the city streets, we realized that we are so very hungry and starving..hehehe! So we went to the food court and bought a meal that only cost 28 pesos each,LOL! Kumpleto na..rice, fried chicken and mango shake,b0nggA! After that dinner kuno, we went straight to where the jeepney strikers are and rode our way home. Huh! nosebleed!!!
Cool Mga weird lang jud mi ghapon kay nanglaag bisag way mga diyut,hehehehe!