Time check.. 10:30 pm here in Zamboanga. It's cold, dark and raining here right now, but I'm still wide awake facing my computer screen and waiting for some miracles,LOLOL! Wala, nag atang rako ug opps..hehe! Anywayz, my pAp is behind me watching Dalja's Spring. A very funny korean drama about a 34 year-old woman without a love life. Why am I even talking about this nonsense things, wala lang jud siguro ko'y mahimo mao nga nag buot-buot nalang ko...LOLOLOL!

I want to sleep now. My bed is tempting me so much! I love it when it's raining during evenings. The sound of raindrops and the cold wind is just so perfect for a good night sleep. Szzzzzz!!!!!
Pero buhi paman akong kalag! Naaahh!.. gilamok nako diri,LOL!
Gud night everyone!!! Anniniput here...signing out!