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global warming
Did you turn off your lights last saturday, March 29 at 8-9 p.m? They said that it's an international campaign against global warming. People, and establishment were encourage to turn off their lights and whatever electricity their using for one hour to the betterment of our ozone layer. Well, the entire city participated, and every one were just using candles that night. I saw in the news about other places and countries turning their lights off too. Their efforts are appreciated really, to do some means to save our planet, but why just now? Why just for 1 hour in a year? Why not do it, 1 hour every night! Offcourse business is the answer, too much of a lost! It's a very sad reality that humans are the ones who's ruining the planet. And they will surely reap what they sow.
Like for example airplanes. The contrails left in the sky by jet liners affect the atmosphere's temperature. During the day, these contrails reflect in coming sunlight, resulting in a net cooling of the atmosphere. But during night flights, they trap heat beneath them. Researchers found that flying between 6p.m and 6a.m contributed between 60 and 80% of the climates warming, even if these flights represent just a quarter of the total air traffic. Isn't it ironic? But it's proven, and we see and feel the results now.