hayyy sodoku!

I like to play puzzles and solve them, but never number puzzles coz it just makes me go crazy!!! Like sodoku number game hahaha! Whenever my friends are playing it, I often tell them why waste time on such a boring thing...( palusot ra diay) But the other day, "G" came over and got a little chit chat with her. We saw my cousin, a 9 year old girl playing sodoku. We were starring at her and amaze on how she solve the puzzle in 3 minutes! My friend doesn't like puzzles too so we were shock on how my cousin solved it right away. Then we asked her to teach us how is it done. MEN! that's it??! sooo easy lang pala! hahaha! We thought that sodoku requires brainstorming
and deep thinking. It does, but not that complicated pala huh! Thankful to ivy, finally know how how to play it hahaha!


shimumsy said...

i tried doing it. hirap but i guess i just need more patience.