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Nothings constant but change. True, what we might have right now may not be what we still have tomorrow. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to people, to memories and things. Even those that matters. Take for example your most treasured possession. Your jewelry let's say. Either it's just a time for a change or a painful option, it can be hurting specially when it has sentimental value to you. I remember my great grandmother, she has this very nice necklace that was given to her by her daughter. It was very precious to my lola and she cherishes it so much! She puts it in a little jewelry box and hides it in her cabinet. She only wears the necklace in special occasions and said that she will only give the necklace to her favorite apo.. would that be me??? LOL! But, unforeseen situations occurred, and much to her dismay, she has no choice but to let go of her dearest necklace. She needs money terribly that time, and her necklace is the only answer. It must be painful for her, but at least the problem was solved. Anyway, my lola(her daughter) didn't get disappointed, so it's fine.

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Sometimes, we just have to say goodbye, even to our favorite things, it's just how life turns around, but off course we can find the best deals for it!