A story

I want to share with you a real life story that happened more than 15 years ago. It's about a little boy who risked his own life to save his brother. Because of it, he's own life changed drastically. But before that, let me tell you my first encounter with him. I was only I think 7 years old when his family went to our house. My parents know their family for years but that was the first time we saw that boy. I was so afraid to see him that I stayed in the room entire day that they were there. It's because he had a 3rd degree burn from his cheeks down to his entire neck, arms and chest. It was like his skin were being stretched that he could not even close his mouth. It is so hard for him even to chew and eat. His mother told us about the sad story and why it happened.

It was early evening and the boy was left at home with his younger brother. Their parents did not yet arrived when the whole thing happened. The lamp they were using for light accidentally spilled over which causes fire and burned their home. Imagine the scene, the boy, about five years old, with he's younger brother went through it all. At such a very young age he demonstrated great love and courage. He protected his brother so much against the fiery furnace. If only you could see him! Until now, the past is still seen in he's face.
You will see him one day soon.. you will, I promise.


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