I really want to start an exercise program infairness. Being in front of the computer and just sitting for hours makes me feel terribly bad already. Having back aces, neck pains and stiff hands are part of my everyday life, lol! But it's okay, I'm fine though. I just have to exercise and do some stretching and bending..haha!

My friend bought a pilates dvd last weekend, and we did had our first exercise session last sunday, lol! I felt my muscles were being stretch big time! OUCH! Now I know why so many people recommends pilates for exercise. It's good for those who have scoliosis and it won't make you look macho, lol!

Have you tried Pilates? You better! exercise Pictures, Images and Photos


Lynda Lippin said...

I tried Pilates 20 years ago and loved it so much that I've been teaching it ever since! I'm glad you tried it and glad you enjoyed it.

Pilates Goddess

faye said...

passing here and read some or ur blog.