The ingredients are ready but not me, lol! Mamang is asking me to make tuna lumpia for tomorrow, as what I've said in my earlier post, we are going to the beach...(sa golf bah) Everyone says they love my lumpai, ofcourse..required..haha! I should be preparing it right now nah, but obviously I'm stuck here in my computer. I still got some pending opps to do so dapat lubus-lubusin na kay break man ugma, lol!

Oh well, got to finish this opp na so I can rest na and prepare the lumpia na...haaayyy, censya na nosebleed naku!


Debbie said...

Wow! I want to have the recipe. I think tuna lumpia is very delicious and healthy food.

Accent Furniture To Go said...

Me, Love the pork lumpia. I want it with more pepper with lots of vegetables. So that it will be healthier. ~~Dining Table Sets