looking for direcTV!

I love to watch t.v! I prefer it than listening to music and surfing the net. I remember being a couch potato during my younger years. Hopping to different channels and shows really consumes most of my time. But now, I just limit myself to certain hours of watching and choosing the shows to watch.
But you see, my father is planning to purchase a direcTV. He says it would be fun having more than 200 channels. From movies, HD programs, news, international, sports, etc! We will have a limitless access to television.

Good father is asking me to do research about who gives the best direcTV deals and services. DirecTv is better compared to cable because it has more variety! More movies, music, news, plus different channels from around the world. It also has better quality yet you will save more money. Direct Sat TV is a good choice I think. Their direcTV offers are so fabulous and very budget friendly. Customers can choose which package suits for them and their family.

Oh well, we are so looking forward to have a direct TV... family will really enjoy it. It's always nice to watch a great movie anytime at home with the family.