Missing our dogs!

It's been several months since our dogs died but still now i am missing them so bad. When i am home i remember all those fun memories i had with them. They are not just the typical dogs you know. Morgan and Douglas is truly my best friends thru thick and thin. I've missed the time when i took them to bath, feed them and of course hunting them fleas and ticks (hingutu ba)! I tell you it is seasonal they were onto flea infestations. So every now and then we have flea and tick control in the entire house, every corner needs to be bug bomb to minimized the infestations. However, we loved those dogs dearly no matter what they brought things to us. I miss them so bad!


Diane said...

My dear friend, my heart goes out to you as you are missing your dogs. I know how it hurts. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Blessings to you and your loved ones.