10 tHings tHat scaRe U/ fReak U out

Opppsss! This is a late post...sorry...hehe!

10 things that gives me nerve wrecks!

* Frogs!!! They make me lose my senses!!! waaahhh!

* Water.. i don't like beaches and the sea. Nosebleed molanguy! lol!

* Watching horror movies, makes me paranoid..toinkz!

* Getting caught...whatever it is,lol!

* Wearing something PINK!!! I dread that day..haha!

* Migraine attacks! It freaks me out..makes me become a monster...grrrrrr!

* Roller coaster ride! freak'in sCary!!! but I LOVe it!

* Sign Language Interpretations...kulba jud..haha!

* Singing! I don't even hold a microphone... my voice freaks me out, lololol!!!

* MUMU! hehe..

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