10 Things You Love Talking About

I'm a very reserve person, it would take alot to make me talk about things I love. Which is ironic in blogging...hmmmm... we have to be bubbly all the time, lol!

Here's the 10 things I love talking about...

1. Food and good food! makes me smile...hehehe!
2. my pets! my muy-muy miming... like a proud mama, lolz!
3. my sister and her life now in TN...wiNk!
4. the latest buzz in town!
5. wazzup wazzup in peoples lives, lol!
6. all the crazy things i've done..
7. life's simple joys...
8. good old days
9. great experiences
10. the whole new world of blogging, lolz!

Happy tUesDaY!!! Join us here