I wish I could have this beautiful violin! I'm frustrated to have one, lol! Honestly, I dunno how to play even a single musical instrument, but I'm dying to learn..hehe! Unfortunately, there's no musical school here in the tip of Mindanao...imagine that! I mean, there are few that offers guitar lessons, voice and such, but since I'm ilusionada... violin lessons is what I want, lolz!

But how can I learn if I don't own one? Haaayyyzzz! I will have this soon. A promise to myself that next year I will have my violin! How I wish! grrrrrrrrrr!

Do you know where can I find cheap violins? Hihihi!


Carlota said...

I wanted Julie to play violin but she don't want it. :-(

Hey- about the email... Send me another one, apili na lang sa imong gusto para sa layout. Color combination, graphics or photos para header. Title sa blog ug tag line kung imo pabutangan. URL also. kini lang na email paabot lang ko ha? Kung madawat nako imo email tonight i will start it Monday. ugma naa ko buhaton. Ok- wait ko sa imong email.