the "pink-sand island"

The Philippines is blessed to be one of the 8 places in the world with rare Pink Sands. And it can be found at the stretch of beach in the great Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga City.

For just a 20-minute motorized banka ride, locals and visitors will arrived Sta. Cruz island. It s indeed a destination here in Zamboanga City, but unfortunately, Sta. Cruz does not yet get the fame and admiration it truly deserve. I hope the local officers will have a concrete plan to develop this magnificent island. It will be worth the risk to visit the western part of Mindanao if you can land your feet in this breathtaking "pink-sand island"...wiNK!!!

I plan to go there with some friends before the year ends, ohhhhh! I'm so looking forward to it.

photos courtesy by ferdzdc on Flickr. (don't get mad at me for snagging your photos please...hehe... gracias!)


Me said...

Hi Anniniput, the beach is so beautiful. I wish I can go there :)