~This is a nonsense post~

HI! I'm just here for a filler...hehe! Nothing so much for today as it started so gloomy. Seems the rain would pour out so hard... perhaps. It's freezing cold here right now and my hands are getting stiff. I like to sleep again and be wrap around my blanket, how I wish!

Five days more and we'll be having a little something for a friend who's getting married..ohhh..this should be a secret. Ok enough! Anyways, I am doing a virtual ecklaboo for an eklover and its really giving me neck pains. But I'm so excited for the finish product so it's time for me to park the keyboards here. I told you I told...what have I told you???

To all who wants to exchange links with me... as much as I would like to add your links to mine also, but now I'm still in the process of customizing my bloglist. Just stay put and I'll add yours as soon as it's okey.

Akel lang, nuay mas otro..hehe! tHAnks for reading this!