uh, oh...

How was my day? Glad you asked, at least I have a reason to scribble it here. My day started early, went to the field with my parents and headed home for lunch. As usual I took a nap, but unfortunately was not able to rest my senses because of the thoughts of unfinished tasks racing through my brain and pulsing through my veins... loz! These tasks are what I am supposed to be doing now but it happens to be that am sooo brain-dead and hungry!!!

Anyway, would you guyz watch Bb. Philippines later tonight? I plan to do so, if the narcotics won't hit me, lol! I would like to see who's gonna slip and show us some bloopers..Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art Naahh, I'd like to witness, on a telecast basis, who will get to bring home the bacon. My bet would be candidate no. 13 but hey she's disqualified. Uh, oh! To be honest I wish Rich would win. Geezzz.. hope she'll not mess up.

Alright, while waiting for the pageant let me just drop EC... see ya around! Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art