scents & personality

Can you turn heads with fragrance? Scientist studying attractiveness say that the daily use of subtle and refreshing scents significantly improves your mood, which leads to a sense of well-being and confidence that makes your persona "eye-catching." Your personality is reflected in your scent of choice. So which scent represents the real you? If you like:

~Fruity scents like orange and grapefruit fragrances or floral blends like most cologne types are, then- You're a people person who can bring out the best in others.

~Plum and cedar scents and the smell of musk, myrrh and sandalwood- You are a girl-next-door type who revels in the excitement of living in the here and now.

~Scents of green apple mixed with jasmine and lemon- You're a classic chic who loves nature, beauty, and elegance.

Hmmm... which category would I fall? The second or the third most probably. I'm not a perfume person actually. My favorite scent is something cool and fresh, inshort...ALCOHOL! LOL!


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