PhotoHunts's theme today: HANDS

Hmmm.. as you can see that's my hand and on the side is Ms. Vine's little toe LOL! We were inside her room one night and we chose to turn off the lights. It was a total darkness, we really can't see anthing whatever. Then I grab the cam, clicked it and this is what we got. One of my most fave shot ever. I absolutely love this shot, even made it my entrecard for this blog! (^_^)

Happy Saturday everyone! More photohunters here.


SHALEE said...

Ms. Vine's toe is so cute..It's like a toe of a newly born baby..:)

'anniniput' said...

haha korek ka jan Sha! murag figurine lol!

my cousin's feet is really small. actually almost size 4 lng sya... cinderella feet ng pamilya.. hehe!

thanks for the visit shalee!

Marites said...

that's one cool shot you got there:) kinda surreal.