tAgs pArade!

Wheeew I'm receiving so many tags and awards lately huh! To all my new found friendships here in blogsphere, tHaNk y0u with all my heart!

First up is from the pretty Ms. Tammy. It's the ~sMiler taggy tag~
here it goes...

the rules:

Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can’t use any answer twice and don’t use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you’re done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name : Jewel... yei that's my real name :D
2. A four Letter Word : joys
3. A boy's Name : Jack
4. A girl's Name : Jill
5. An occupation : joggler
6. A color : jade
7. Something you'll wear : jeans

8. A type of food : j0LLibEE
9. Something found in the bathroom: jergen's
10. A place : Jerusalem
11. A reason for being late : just woke up
12. Something you shout : jon't know...haha!
13. A movie title : jurassic park
14. Something you drink : juice
15. A musical group : Jane's addiction
16. A street name : Justina
17. A type of car : jaguar
18. A song title: just got lucky!
19. A verb : jumping

Here's the sec0nd one from sWeet sHeLo... ate super thank you, sa uuLitin!

Name 7 things/people that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers..

1. my grounds
2. my dear family and relatives of course
3. crazy friends
4. my muy-muy.. love you muy!
5. f00d yum yum!!!
6. bLogging
7. Wentworth Miller... hihihi!

And last but not the least... from the amiabLe ate aMy... gracias again & again!!

1. Post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
4. Link the person who tagged you.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

alright let's see...

1. I know sign language
2. I don't like the color pink
3. pet/animal lover, certified!
4. am not girlie girl
5. big time paranoid lolz!

Done yehey! Now I am supposed to tag 22 people all in all, that's if I follow the rules. But since these tags and awards are so much fun, let me share them to ya'll! Feel free to grab which ever you like. Have fun!!!


djtammy said...

Yehey! Thanks for grabbing the award! Grammy diba :))

Take care :-)

amiable amy said...

wow...amazing parade of awards deserve it girl, congratulations..

you are most welcome

Glenda said...

i enjoyed reading this post. =D

'anniniput' said...

chalamat sa lahat!

happy weekend ahead... haaizzzt! friday nasad..kadali-a sa adlaw ui!

Rizza said...

da da've been prized by "Honest Weblog"....another award for you dear....
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